Sarah C. & Matt M.

How did you get to Memphis?
Sarah: For a marketing job at Varsity Spirit.
Matt:  A career fair at Penn State opened a door for a ServiceMaster position. Meeting Sarah Cronk kept me in Memphis.

What was your impression of Memphis before you moved here? 
Sarah: Friendly people, small-town feel with the amenities of a city.
Matt:  All I knew about Memphis was the BBQ.

What has surprised you about Memphis?
Sarah: The incredible music scene and the awesome food.
Matt: How large it is!

What steps did you take to get involved?
Sarah: I volunteer at the Farmer’s Market and St. Jude.
Matt:  Started working out at various gyms in Memphis, found a great volleyball club (901 Volleyball), started dog-sitting at the Farmer’s Market.

What has been your favorite New Memphis experience?
Sarah & Matt: This photo shoot!

What is your favorite local spot?
Sarah: Pyro’s Pizza
Matt: Hog & Hominy

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first moved to Memphis? 
Sarah: I wish I had known more about the downtown scene. I moved to East Memphis when I first came down here and then relocated to downtown after seeing how fun it was.
Matt: The parking is free after 6pm and that you have to be a Grizzlies fan.

If you have lived here over 12 months- how has your perception changed over that time frame?
Sarah: I've definitely realized that Memphis can be whatever you want it to be – there’s something here for everyone.
Matt: Be willing to travel to different unknown neighborhoods, lots of hidden gems. 

Based on your experience, what piece of advice would you offer newcomers?
Sarah: Get involved, visit all the fun neighborhoods, and take advantage of good weather while you can, because the summers are hot. 
Try all the BBQ, scour the internet for clubs and events – you can find just about any group.