Rafi C.

Los Angeles ------> Memphis

Rafi made his way back to Memphis from Orange County, California in September 2016 to live closer to friends and family. He drove cross-country by himself with minimal naps in between, eager for his return. 

How did you get to Memphis?
Drove here in a car straight from Los Angeles!

What was your impression of Memphis before you moved here?
I really didn't know much about it because I initially moved here when I was only 11. I just knew I had an uncle who lived in Memphis. That’s pretty much it!

What has surprised you about Memphis?
How low cost of living here is.

What steps did you take to get involved?
I am pretty well-involved via social media. I attend events from StartCo, New Memphis, The University of Memphis, Startup Grind, and various extracurricular including Rumba Room, basketball, and various restaurants around town.

What has been your favorite New Memphis experience?
I have heard much about it and have some friends who have gone through their programs. In fact, the Mayor of Germantown recommended that I get involved with New Memphis! I enjoyed learning more about it an Undercurrent event I was recently at. 

What is your favorite local spot?
Young Avenue Deli

What is one thing you wish you had known when you first moved to Memphis?
Nothing that I can think of. I have learned most of this city pretty quickly.

If you have lived here over 12 months- how has your perception changed over that time frame?
When I first moved here, I did not do much besides go to school and hangout with family. Once I started venturing out on my own, I discovered a huge diverse community of people with whom I can enjoy common interests. I am glad I started venturing out on my own!

Based on your experience, what piece of advice would you offer newcomers?
You have to actually go out and network in a targeted way in this city. It’s a large city but has the feel of a small city. So, you are able to actually build long-term and stable relationships with others while gaining access to a wide variety of people with different backgrounds.