Featured Events

We believe in sharing fun facts and revealing hidden gems with Newcomers like you. Below, you can check out various events geared toward getting you plugged into the city and acquainted with your neighbors. View our calendar for upcoming dates.


Memphis 101

This high-energy, educational session offers an interactive crash course in Memphis culture, people, and politics revealing why Memphis is the place it is today and how our history impacts where we are headed. Memphis 101 imparts a fresh perspective into the city’s personality and is a great experience for newcomers and longtime Memphians alike. Complimentary lunch provided.

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Instant Memphian

Instant Memphian is an uptempo run-through of essential Memphis info, built by those who know the city best — locals. The presentation is packed with interesting, useful, and downright strange stuff about Memphis to help transform you into a true Memphian in about an hour.

Want to know the safest zip code in the city? Or the best hidden spots to kill a Saturday afternoon? Whether you’ve lived in Memphis for two weeks, two years, or two decades, we’ve got you covered. From food to entertainment to recreation to just getting around, you’ll leave knowing what the locals know — and maybe even more.

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Exposure on 901 Day

Every year on September 1st, we showcase all Memphis has to offer – from the arts to the outdoors, fitness and mentoring groups, attractions and breweries, Exposure shines a light on our city’s greatest assets. Local organizations representing our city’s robust landscape of social, civic, recreational and entertainment offerings set up shop at AutoZone Park to share information, get you excited and involved in Memphis.

Check out exposurememphis.com for more information.

Summer Experience (for Collegians)

Summer Experience is a series of free events for local and visiting college students, graduate students, and recent grads. Here’s your chance to meet peers, meet established city leaders and, most importantly, meet Memphis. The program is designed to showcase our city (and its many opportunities and assets) to the young talent who may choose to launch their careers here.

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